Pellet burnеr Da Vinci


  • Modulation in 9 degrees.
  • Built-in weekly programmer.
  • Complete with screw.
  • Ignition of the pellets by electronic heater.
  • Management through a timer ang/or built-in thermostat.


Pellet burner DA VINCI 36 G was developed and manufactured according to the latest contemporary concepts for heating with biomass, plus the nature and the environmental friendly and at the same time facilitating the user, given the high calorific value per unit volume of fuel, its convenient transportation, the minimum quantity of soot and ash in combustion and last but not least – the separation of minimum quantities of harmful gases during incineration.

Pellet burner “Da Vinci” 36 G provides thermal comfort and requires minimum maintenance. These burners are designed primarily for use with boilers in urban environments, where porting and combustion of wood or coal is inconvenient, cumbersome or polluting. The combustion process runs automatically, without requiring continuous surveillance and/or loading. Management and maintenance of the combustion process is carried out with the help of embedded microcomputer system (a microcontroller), supplied from the mains and consuming negligible amount of electricity.


Pellet burner G36 “Da Vinci” is intended to be fitted to boiler k 38 “Da Vinci”. Can be mounted to other boilers with the constructive power of 25 to 40 kW. Used (together with the boiler and installation water heating) for heating of houses, apartments, offices, halls and other sites with heat losses from 10 to 40 kW.


To achieve maximum efficiency in the heating we recommend the combination:

  • Pellet burner Da Vinci
  • Da Vinci SP PELLET


The main fuel, which uses the fireplace, Pellet, but can also be used dry pits, as well as dried corn. The pits and corn can be burned in small relative amounts, up to a maximum of 15% of the mass of the main fuel and mixed with it.

Pellet burnеr G36

Pellet burnеr G36