Pellet Stoves Da Vinci


The stove is designed for burning pellets in a small percentage of pits and dried maize in a mixture with pellets.

Almost the entire part of the thermal power of the fireplace is concentrated in the water jacket of the heating main coolant-water. A too small part of power radiates from hearth. This power through infrared radiation and convection can warm the room in which the fireplace is located.


Pellet stoves “DA VINCI” are designed and manufactured according to the latest contemporary concepts for heating with biomass, the utmost respect nature and the environment and at the same time facilitating the user, given the high calorific value per unit volume of fuel, its convenient transportation, the minimum quantity of soot and ash in combustion and last but not least – the separation of minimum quantities of harmful gases during incineration and also environmentally sound production.

Pellet stoves “Da Vinci” provide thermal comfort with minimal time for service. They are designed primarily for use in urban environments, where porting and combustion of wood or coal is inconvenient, cumbersome or polluting. The combustion process runs automatically, without requiring continuous surveillance and/or loading. Management and maintenance of the combustion process is carried out with the help of embedded microcomputer system supplied from the mains and consuming insignificant amount of electricity.

Pellet stove “Da Vinci” is intended for heating of family houses, apartments, offices, production halls and other similar objects with heat losses from 5-25 kW.

The stove is a modern, high-efficiency and environmentally sound means for burning pellets (pressed wood chips). The heating system is with forced circulation of the heating water and allows the use of both open and closed expansion tanks.


Pellet stoves “Da Vinci” are manufactured in three different models with different power:

  • DV 140 AIR (small-14 kW)
  • DV 140 HIDRO (small-14 kW)
  • DV 180 HIDRO (median-18 kW)
  • DV 220 HIDRO (large-22 kW)
  • DV 250 HIDRO (large-25 kW)
  • DV S CERAMIC (large-25 kW)
  • DV S STONE (large-25 kW)

The last two models have the same external dimensions. The action and the way of management and use of the three models is the same.


The stove’s main fuel are pellets, but they can burn dry pits, as well as dried corn.