Pellet boiler Da Vinci


Pellet boilers “Da Vinci” provide thermal comfort with minimal time for service. They are designed primarily for use in urban environments, where porting and combustion of wood or coal is inconvenient, cumbersome or polluting.

The combustion process runs automatically, without requiring continuous surveillance and/or loading. Management and maintenance of the combustion process is carried out with the help of embedded microcomputer system supplied from the mains and consuming negligible amount of electricity.


Pellet boiler “Da Vinci” SP Pellet K38 is intended for heating of family houses, apartments, offices, production halls and other similar items with the heat losses of 10-36 kW.
The boiler is a modern, high-efficiency and environmentally sound means for burning pellets (pressed wood chips). The heating system is with forced circulation of the heating water and allows the use of both open and closed expansion tanks.


Pellet boilers “Da Vinci” SP Pellet K38 are produced in two varieties:

  • K 38F – with a single fire chamber;
  • K 38G – designed to work with the burner DA VINCI G36 or another type.

Both types have similar structure and thermal parameters. Both types work with external screw conveyer mechanism of pellets, respectively connected to the boiler.


To achieve maximum efficiency in the heating we recommend the combination:

  • Pellet burner Da Vinci
  • Da Vinci SP PELLET


The main fuel, which uses the fireplace, Pellet, but also dry pits, as well as dried corn, can be used.
The stones and maize can be burned in small relative amounts, up to a maximum of 15% of the mass of the main fuel and mixed with it.